National Bird Day - January 5th

National Bird Day 2013 Events

Our Second Annual Free Bird Photo Contest!


For National Bird Day 2013 we hatched another Free Bird Photo Contest! The winning photograph of house sparrows was taken by Jenn Fraleigh of Forked River, NJ. She received a bird feeder and organic T-shirt from the Born Free USA online store, a copy of a bird-centric board game and other prizes.

Click here or on the image at right — Jenn's winning photograph — to see results from our inaugural contest in 2012. Find results of our inaugural Free Bird Photo Contest here.

We were very excited to partner in the contest with Outset Media, which provided as first- through fifth-place prizes "What Bird Am I?"® Outset's website describes it as "a table top game designed for birders to test their species identification skills! With three levels of difficulty, 'What Bird Am I?' is perfect for novice and intermediate birdwatchers, as well as truly serious birders. The game has 300 spectacular photographs of birds from across continental United States and Canada. And it was proudly Made in the USA!"

We received about 200 entries in the latest contest and appreciated every one of them. Please stay tuned for our third annual Free Bird Photo Contest in late 2013, and keep enjoying our feathered friends!


Foster Parrots' Coloring/Essay Contest for Kids


For the second year in a row, Foster Parrots, Ltd. and the New England Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary conducted a coloring and essay contest for children in first through sixth grade! Here's how the Foster Parents website described the contest:

"Participating children will color a parrot picture and answer this essay question in their own thoughtful words: 'Pretend you are a parrot! Tell us why flying free is important to you!' "

Winning entries were to be featured on the website and posted at the sanctuary. Two grand prize winners were to receive three books about parrots, including "Lucky," written by Born Free USA Senior Program Associate Monica Engebretson.

'How To' Guides for Bird Shelters and Care Facilities


The Avian Welfare Coalition, our partner in founding National Bird Day, has produced a series of informative pamphlets designed to help shelters and care facilities tend to the needs of birds. If you operate a shelter or care facility, or would like to help a shelter or care facility near you, please download any or all of these free pamphlets from our online store.

While almost a third of the world's 330 parrot species are threatened with extinction due to pressures from collecting for the pet trade, combined with habitat loss, many of these same species end up at the doorsteps of animal sheltering facilities throughout the United States.

Delaware Museum of Natural History


The Delaware Museum of Natural History participated in National Bird Day by hosting an event that featured children's stories on birds, and information regarding local birding resources. Visitors were invited to participate in many activities, including an owl pellet dissection.

The museum is a leading resource for ornithologists and amateur birders alike.

Bird Toy-Making Party (St. Paul, MN)


Midwest Avian Adoption and Rescue Services (MAARS) volunteers got together for a parrot toy-making party on Jan. 5. The toys were donated to MAARS for the enjoyment (and destruction!) of the MAARS flock. Read about some of the MAARS residents here. For more information or to become a MAARS volunteer, e-mail

Education and Adoption Specials for Shelter Birds (Madison, WI)


The Dane County Humane Society celebrated National Bird Day 2013 by offering an adoption special for its shelter birds, and promoted the day on radio and TV appearances during that week. In addition, its shelter educator added information from the National Bird Day webpage for her January programs with children. To top it off, our good friend Paula from Owls and Friends secured an official National Bird Day proclamation from the Madison's mayor!


Library Display and Coloring and Essay Contest for Kids (Hampshire, IL)

Born Free USA supporter and avian advocate Susan Shew hosted a public education display at the Ella Johnson Public Library. The display was up from Dec. 30, 2012, through Jan. 7, 2013. She also hosted a children's coloring and essay contest. Children were asked to write from a parrot's point of view and describe why flying is important to them. Prizes included copies of the children's book "Lucky."

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