National Bird Day - January 5th

National Bird Day 2012 Was Top-Flight

Avian advocates flocked together to make the 10th edition of National Bird Day one of the best yet.


Our Inaugural Free Bird Photo Contest!


To celebrate National Bird Day and in collaboration with Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and the DVD/Blu-ray release of its comedy about birding, "The Big Year," in January 2012 we hatched a Free Bird Photo Contest! The four-week competition was open to all and attracted some 200 entries. The winning photo of a Carolina Wren was taken by Kanokwalee Pusitanun of Cedar Park, TX. Kanokwalee won a pair of powerful binoculars, a bird feeder or house from the Born Free USA online store and a copy of "The Big Year."

Check out the winning photographs now and check back in late 2012 for details about our next Free Bird Photo Contest.

Making it Official for Our Feathered Friends!

At the national level, Born Free USA achieved an official proclamation of support for National Bird Day from Rep. Mike Quigley (D-Illinois)! Quigley read the Born Free USA National Bird Day resolution into the Congressional Record (the official record of debates, proceedings and activities of Congress) on Dec. 12, 2011.

At the municipal level, Foster Parrots secure and official National Bird Day Proclamation from the city of Malden, MA. And Paula Fitzimmons, president of PJ Publications and Gifts (and a Born Free USA corporate partner) secured an official National Bird Day Proclamation for the city of Madison, WI. Paula also wrote and got published a great National Bird Day opinion piece.

National Bird Day in Nepal!

Himalayan Nature is an organization in Nepal whose mission is to to explore the natural history of the Himalayan region to inform and empower the public for a knowledge-based management of natural resources . In observance of National Bird Day, it organized a conservation awareness program on the importance of farmland bird communities in Lumbini and Koshi from Jan. 4-18, 2012, and conducted bird watching programs in Koshi, Lumbini an Chitwan.

Gimme Shelter — Help for Birds and Rescues

In New York on Jan. 4, 2012, the Center for Avian & Exotic Medicine and the Avian Welfare Coalition teamed up to present "The Basics of Caring for Exotic Birds in the Shelter," a presentation for shelter organizations and volunteers about caring for exotic birds in a shelter setting. The event was hosted by the ASPCA and the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals in honor of National Bird Day.

In Madison, WI, the Dane County Humane Society posted National Bird Day posters at all of its adoption centers. It featured rescued birds in need of care on its televised "Pet of the Week" spots and Facebook pages and solicited bird care donation items to help care exotic birds that come into its shelter.

Children Are the Future — And They Love Birds!

Parrots play in the Bronx
with a Girl Scout-made toy.
(Click on the image to see it enlarged.)

Susan Brandt, founder and executive director of Rational Animal, and Denise Kelly, president of the Avian Welfare Coaltion, celebrated National Bird Day with the Rational Animal's Girl Scout troop in The Bronx, New York. The Scouts enjoyed a visual presentation on parrots and other birds of the world in their natural habitats and made toys for the rescued birds of Foster Parrots Ltd. The toys arrived a few days later, and the birds wasted no time getting into the action!

In Rockland, MD, Foster Parrots/The New England Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary hosted a National Bird Day color and essay contest for children in first through sixth grades. On the back of parrot color pictures, children were asked to pretend they are a parrot and explain why flying free is important! Two grand-prize winners were drawn from two age groups (first through third grades, and fourth through sixth grades). The winners received a children's parrot book library featuring "Lucky," "Always Blue for Chicu" and 'Here There and Everywhere."

The Media Are Watching

More than 25 recorded news stories, blogs and other mentions helped spread the National Bird Day to wider audience. Then included Huffington Post, Minnesota Public Radio, Mother Nature Network and the online San Francisco Examiner.

... and a Little Help from Our Friends

The Humane Society of the United States, American Anti-Vivisection Society and American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals all helped spread the word about National Bird Day on their websites.

Barry vs. Monica Blog-off!

Born Free USA's senior program associates Barry Kent MacKay and Monica Engebretson took turns blogging about bird issues throughout December 2011 and January 2012, in celebration of National Bird Day:

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