National Bird Day - January 5th

Fun Activities

Test Your Skill with Our Bird Call Quiz

Often a bird is heard before he is seen. An important skill for any birder is the ability to identify birds by their unique call. Test your skill with our bird call quiz.

Host a coloring contest for kids.

Arrange a "More Beautiful Wild" coloring contest with your local school, library, or newspaper. Invite kids color a picture of wild parrots for a chance to compete in different age categories for a prize or gift certificate.

For more ideas for kids to celebrate National Bird Day, click here.

Origami Crane

Make your own Origami Crane!

If you think paper airplanes are fun, wait until you learn how to create a bird of nature! After downloading a template and instructions, you'll soon experience the joy of flying artwork!

Send a Virtual Postcard!

Send an e-card to a friend to introduce them to National Bird Day. Sending the card is simple! With five designs to choose from, you're bound to find a card that fits your friend, and you can add your own personal message. Just follow the easy instructions.